Winter Olympic Sports for Kids

Winter Sports for Kids

The Winter Olympics are an exciting time for so many people, whether it is those who play ice hockey nearly every day or the family who once visited Mont Tremblant or Whistler on a skiing holiday. Watching the Olympics can be inspirational to children, making them want to get involved in the sports they are cheering on the Olympians in. These sports below are those which your kids can get stuck into easily, read more!


Being the main reason so many people travel to Mont Tremblant, skiing is accessible for any age. With ski schools open at nearly every resort, and groups not determined by age but ability, it is common for whole families to all be part of the same class. However, for the parents with more experience, they can rest assured in the knowledge that their children are safe with a qualified instructor. Regardless of your child’s age, the best time to start learning those snowploughs is now.


Another snow sport that kids love is snowboarding. With adult snowboarders preferring their children to be a boarder rather than a skier, dedicated snowboard schools have started to open up at resorts around the world. At any ski resort, such as Mont Tremblant or Le Massif, snowboards can be easily rented.


Curling is the surprisingly gripping ice sport that everyone enjoys whilst the Winter Olympic Games are on. To an onlooker, it could appear to be simply cleaning time as the ice is brushed. However, the sport is enjoyable and seems to become more popular with every passing winter games.
With a fairly complicated scoring technique being used in the sport, this may be one for the older children to try. There is nothing more fun than throwing your stone and watching it crash into your opponent’s, sending their stone flying away.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey isn’t all body-checks, children can learn sportsmanship and balance, both which can be applied to other sports. Primarily for those with great balance and strength, ice hockey can be played all year round at indoor ice rinks. Requiring a high fitness level and an appreciation that injuries are more common than in other sports, ice hockey can be become an incredible outlet for children to explore winter sports.

The earliest kids can start hockey is around 4 or 5, when they can begin to learn the basics. However, if they enjoy watching the sport at the Winter Olympics then they can start to learn to skate as early as 2.

Winter Sports for Kids

Ice Skating

Another accessible sport that both kids and adults can take part in is ice skating. Kids love ice skating because of simply how unique the experience of sliding along the ice is (hopefully stood upright). With most people never being too far from an ice rink, and winter resorts such as Mont Tremblant hosting ice rinks, the sport can easily be pursued anywhere.

If the Winter Olympic Games have your kids itching to get stuck in to some of the sports that they are watching then any one of the above will be a good starting point. With all of the above on offer at ski resorts such as Mont Tremblant or Whistler/Blackcomb then a family holiday may also be on the cards.

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